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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

Religious Education


KS3 Overview

Within St John The Baptist College Religious Education is an integral and indispensable aspect of the total education of young people and, therefore, deserves an important place in the life and work of the school.

Each Religious Education lesson takes place in the context of a Christian community.  In the class room each pupil gets his/her main chance to acquire a knowledge and understanding of faith which will enable him/her to acquire the gift which God has given, and to look at life from the Christian viewpoint.

The RE Department liaises closely with our school chaplain, Fr Sheehan, to administer the sacraments during the school year.  He administers the Sacrament of Reconciliation for everyone in the school during the periods of Advent and Lent. There is also at mass to mark the beginning of the school year, and, also, a combined school service during Catholic Schools Week. An End of Year Mass of Thanksgiving for Year 12 pupils is also celebrated.  We arrange various liturgical celebrations throughout the school year to celebrate key religious festivals within our school community.


The Religious Education programme, through an exploration of the Bible, the liturgy, church teaching, the witness of Christian living, the world of nature and human experience, seeks to lead the students to know God and to become aware of God’s plan for them and for creation.  It seeks to help them to respond to God’s communicating presence with them

Aims: The general aims of the Religion Department is to awaken people to faith and then help them throughout their lives to deepen and strengthen their faith i.e. lead the people to a mature faith.

Through religion the young person should acquire the knowledge, Understanding, values and attitudes which will enable them:

  • to facilitate and support the ongoing development of the faith and spiritual life of the students.
  • to provide opportunities for students to come to a deeper knowledge and understanding for their faith and then apply this knowledge and understanding to their life experience
  • to develop in the students, skills of listening, discussion analysis evaluation, articulation and communication in the areas of religion.
  • the section also seeks to promote understanding of other faiths and respect for the beliefs of others.

These aims are in association with the general aims of the school itself.

Objectives: The overall objectives of the Religion Department are that year 8-10 pupils should follow the advised course of the Diocesan Advisors 1st Year –  Fully Alive 1 2nd Year – Fully Alive 2 3rd Year –  Fully Alive 3


Objectives: Years 11 and 12 – There are no textbooks given to pupils at this level as the R.E. Department prefers to provide detailed, personalised lessons and resources to the pupils in order to ensure that the students are able to prepare successfully for the exams that are taken.

Year 11 & 12

Presently KS4 students are offered the opportunity to study for the AQA GCSE Religious Studies exam. The Units completed are: Unit 3: Roman Catholicism Unit 4: Roman Catholicism Ethics

Muiredach Cross Award

KS4 students are also offered the opportunity to complete the Muiredach Cross Award which is a faith in action award.  The students complete a portfolio of evidence showing that they have fulfilled four main criteria:

  • Mrs B Leathem (Head of Department)