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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown

Nurture Centre


What is Nurture Provision?

The concept of nurture highlights the importance of social environments - who you're with, and its significant influence on behaviour and cognitive ability.  Nurture groups offer an opportunity to learn the early nurturing experiences some children and young people lack, giving them the skills to do well at school, make friends and deal more confidently and calmly with the trials and tribulations of life, for life.

Nurture groups are founded on evidence-based practices and offer a short-term, inclusive, focused intervention that works in the long term. Nurture groups are classes of between six and 12 children or young people.  Each group is run by two members of staff. Children attend nurture groups but remain an active part of their main class group, spend appropriate times within the nurture group according to their need and typically return full time to their own class within two to four terms. Nurture groups assess learning and social and emotional needs and give whatever help is needed to remove the barriers to learning. There is great emphasis on language development and communication. Nothing is taken for granted and everything is explained, supported by role modelling, demonstration and the use of gesture as appropriate.    

 (The Nurture Group Network)

 IN our Nurture Group WE AIM TO:

-Help our young people to become more engaged in their education

-Help our young people progress academically

-Foster emotional wellbeing in our students

-Use counselling and positive reinforcement to reduce aggression and incidents of withdrawn behaviours

-Create a caring atmosphere that promotes inclusion

-Remove barriers for learning

-Create a working partnership with parents and teachers

THE Benefits of the Nurtury:

Our children are involved in small teaching groups to ensure more opportunity for supporting each pupil.  Staff consistency builds closer relationships with the pupils, so by the end of each day pupils are less likely to leave the learning environment stressed.  Regular contact with parents is encouraged so they are involved in the pupil’s school life. Most importantly our pupils are more confident in coming to school knowing that the nurture room is a nurturing environment, and this leads to improved attendance and a reduced suspension rate.  We ensure that links to the NI Curriculum in many subject areas continue so the pupils will not miss out on vital topics within subjects.



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