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St John the Baptist’s College, Portadown



KS3 Overview

Art and Design is an essential element in the education of all children and a central one in the area of Creative and Expressive Studies in the National Curriculum.

The development of the whole person as a creative unique individual able to communicate is at the heart of the subject. Art and Design encourages and fosters the stimulation of the imagination and the opportunity to express creatively ideas, feelings and emotions.

In SJBC, the programme is planned to ensure that every pupil has the opportunity to develop their artistic potential in the wide field of Art and Design.

The Key stage 3 programme of study includes not only painting and drawing but work in a wide variety of mixed media.

The pupils are encouraged to have fun, to explore, to problem solve, to work with others and investigate the work of other artists and designers

In the Art Department, pupils will develop skills in

Graphic Media – Drawing and Painting

Ceramics -2D and 3D clay modelling


Textiles – working with fabrics and threads

IT – Graphic design

Semi Rigid and Soft Materials – Sculptural forms

While Art and Design is a subject covered by all pupils at KS3, (Year 8-10), pupils have the opportunity of continuing their studies in Art and Design GCSE.

Key Stage 3

Year 8

Term 1

Year 2

Year 3


Visual Awareness

Colour Theory





Print Making


Year 9


Term 1

Year 2

Year 3






Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Printmaking

Textiles/Print Making

Graphic Design

Year 10


Term 1

Year 2

Year 3


Self-Image, Masks




3-D Construction

Graphic Design

Print Making



KS4 Overview

At senior level, the pupils are introduced to a broader range of processes, media and materials

  • A variety of printing processes – etch – block – screen
  • Digital photography and computer aided design
  • Ceramic sculpture and 2D and 3D Design work
  • Textile and stitch design work
  • Graphic illustration

The students are encouraged to engage in personal research both analytical and contextual, using a thematic approach. Trips and visits to Museums and Galleries are incorporated into the programme of study.

  GCSE Year 11


                 GCSE Year 12

The pupils will be given a theme and will produce a collection of work as an introduction to their Core Portfolio in a wide variety of media.

-Drawing – painting – printing – stitch – lens based media – ceramics - ICT

Unit 1 – The Core Portfolio

The pupils will complete the work relating to their Core Portfolio – development sheets and creation of final piece.

Unit 2  Externally Set Assignment

Creatively investigate and develop ideas in response to a stimulus (set by CCEA) and create a final outcome.

The Core Portfolio (Unit 1) is made up of one or more controlled assessment tasks. Students must prepare a portfolio of work that will be worth 60 percent of the final award. The portfolio is internally set, internally assessed and externally moderated. The tasks can either be set by the student or the teacher. The work presented for assessment must address the four assessment objectives.

The edited portfolio should:

  • Include one piece of work that has been developed to a final outcome;
  • Consist of a maximum of 20 A2 sheets (or equivalent);
  • Shows clear evidence that the student has carried out a minimum of 45 hours’ work under informal teacher supervision; and
  • Show that students have experience of at least two different creative media

Examination (ESA)

Working to a Stimulus (Unit 2) is assessed through an externally set examination. It is worth 40 percent of the final award. The exam takes the form of a stimulus paper. Each student must present preparatory work and a final outcome based on either;

  • An idea suggested in the exam paper; or
  • The student’s own idea based on a set theme

The preparatory work should support the production of a final outcome in fine art, craft or design, in either 2D or 3D. Students must complete the final outcome with a set period of 10 hours and under controlled test conditions. Students should select, edit and present for assessment the work that best meets the four objectives. The edited work the present for assessment should not exceed 10 A2 sheets (or equivalent) plus a final outcome.


24th May 2018
Pupils attended an interactive Art Exhibition and completed a workshop in the Millennium...
28th Mar 2018
Pupils had an "Egg" citing time in the Art Department creating colourful Easter pictures...
9th Mar 2018
Pupils in our after school Art Club have been busy making beautiful handmade gifts...